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Paper Drill Supplies from CFS
Paper Drill Bits

All of our hollow drill bits come with a one-year guarantee. If they break under normal usage we will replace them for free! Teflon Coating is also available for all of our bits. Please note that Teflon Coated bits may take an additional 24-hours to ship.The most common bit diameter size is 5/16" - used most frequently for 3-hole drilling. Select your manufacturer below.

Hollow drill bits for Baum paper drills. Baum Drill Bits (Style D)   PHollow drill bits for Challenge paper drills. Challenge Drill Bits (Style A)
Hollow drill bits for Chandler paper drills. Chandler Drill Bits   Hollow drill bits for Corta paper drills. Corta Drill Bits
Hollow drill bits for Hang paper drills. Hang Drill Bits   Hollow drill bits for Imperial paper drills. Imperial Drill Bits (Style J & K)
Hollow drill bits for Lassco paper drills. Lassco Drill Bits (Style L & A)   Hollow drill bits for Lawson paper drills. Lawson Drill Bits (Style B)
Hollow drill bits for Lihit paper drills. Lihit Drill Bits (Style J & K)   Hollow drill bits for Martin-Yale paper drills. Martin Yale Drill Bits (Style J & K)
Hollow drill bits for Nygren Dahly paper drills. Nygren-Dahly Drill Bits (Style D)   Hollow drill bits for Pioneer paper drills. Pioneer Drill Bits
Hollow drill bits for Spinnit paper drills. Spinnit Drill Bits (Style L & A)   Hollow drill bits for Uchida paper drills. Uchida Drill Bits

Do I need Teflon-coated bits? Teflon coated bits are recommended only for high-volume use or for use on coated paper stocks. The coating will reduce the heat produced when drilling these types of jobs. Standard drill bits are fine for all other work. Can I use these hollow bits in  a standard drill press? Yes, we recommend using the Lawson Style B bits in most drill presses. CAUTION: Paper drill bits are hollow and must be cleared out every time they are filled to capacity or they will explode! How do I know which bit diameter to purchase? Download our handy PDF tool - CFS Drill Bit Identification Guide