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Grommets from CFS Bindery Products
Plastic Grommets
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Grommet Dimensions

Plastic grommets are availble in 3 colors: clear, black and white. These are much less obtrusive and noticeable than traditional brass grommets used on banners. Requires a specia grommetl press or die set different from brass type die sets. Sold in bags of 500 sets.

#1 5/16" Plastic Grommets #1 Plastic Self-Piercing Grommets - 5/16" (500 Sets) $27.49 Item Code: GMR1
Select Color:

#3 7/16" Plastic Grommets #3 Plastic Self-Piercing Grommets - 7/16" (500 Sets) $52.00 Item Code: GMR3
Select Color:

#3 7/16" Plastic Grommets #4 Plastic Self-Piercing Grommets - 5/8" (500 Sets) $90.00 Item Code: GMR4
Select Color:

Clear Grommet Stimpson Starter Kit - 500 sets #3 Plastic Grommets & Stimpson Press Die #3 Plastic Grommets (7/16" Hole) 500 sets + #3 Die for Stimpson 405 Grommet Press
 $179.00 Item Code: PDST3C click to buy this item online now!