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Banner Hanging Solutions from CFS Bindery Products
Hangers for Wide Format Posters/Boards

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With easier access to instant digital wide format printing, printed signs and point of purchase display posters mounted to foamcore board and banners are seeing a rise in use. Options for hanging these 'large beast' projects are not so readily accessible. Brass grommets are commonly used but will usually mark the board's surface and can tear away from banners in windy conditions and just punching a hole can turn unsightly in a few seconds, so below are some new options that have many advantages over traditional grommets.

hangers for foamcore board & gator boardTwist-N-Hook Hangers for Foamcore & Gator Boards (100 pcs.)

- just twist & screw these plastic hangplastic hangers for hanging foam core boardsers into foam core or gator board sheets without needing to punch into the image area. The hanger portion features a hole for hooks, wire or string with 2 flat sides and can safely hold board sizes up to 24 x 48 inches. NOTE: these hangers are designed for use with 3/16" thick boards. 100 pieces per bag.
Dimensions: Head 1/2" H x 3/8" W x 5/16" D, Hole 1/8" W x 1/4", Overall 1-7/16" High

Item Code: TH100 $35.00click to buy this item online now!

hangers for foamcore board & gator boardPic-N-Hook Hangers for Corrugated Plastic Boards (100 pcs.)

- used to hang standard plastic hangers for hanging plastic boardsCorrugated Plastic material. Simply push into the edge of the material so that it penetrates across the corrugated ridges and the eyelet hole allows your board to be hung using string, wire or nails without punching a hole through the image area. Can also be used with 1/2" corrugated plastic, but does require punching a small hole so that the hanger can grasp the ridges. NOTE: these hangers are designed for use with 3/16" thick boards.
100 pieces per bag.
Dimensions: Head 11/16" H x 7/16" W x 1/8" Thick, Hole 7/32" Diameter, Overall 1-1/2" High

Item Code: PH100 $35.00click to buy this item online now!

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